A Touch of Serenity, LLC A massage fit just for you & your budget!


Here are a few things that my clients had to say: 

Ms. Perkins is professional and courteous. It is apparent she has taken time to learn her craft. She provides quality service at an affordable price. Book today. (CY)

Whitney was great & VERY professional! I told her about certain pains I was having and she did a great job with working on those certain locations and she also gave me stretches I could do at home & a great product to try to help ease the pain! I would definitely recommend her to anyone!


 Whitney has done a great job in creating a calm space. I would have preferred the room to be a little darker, perhaps even upon arrival, to ease me into the massage experience. I liked that she talked to me beforehand and that she had planned her treatment based on my specific concerns/problem areas. Would suggest that is made implicitly clear to future clients so that they will take the time to think about problem areas. An hour isn't really enough time to do a full body deep massage if you have problem spots. Whitney was very professional and I definitely felt that she was thorough in addressing my specific issues. And the sugar foot scrub was a great bonus! 

“Extremely proficient in her craft. Detailed, personable and professional” –J. Wilkins

“Excellent pain relief. She got rid of a 2 week headache. Wish I had booked a 2 hour with her. Loved the pec, trap, neck and rhomboid work. She did a great job!!” – B. Sullivan

“Great overall; polite, well experienced and really, really relaxing” –W. Spencer

Whitney did an awesome job and is very knowledgeable about massage therapy. She is very professional and cares for her clients. She spent some time going over a few exercises I could do to ease my back pain and control my headaches. I would highly recommend Whitney!

“Great massage. Excellent pressure and technique. She was personable and professional” C. Wilkins

“Whitney is an amazing massage therapist” She gave a relaxing and therapeutic 2 hour massage. While accommodating both my shoulder pain and then giving a terrific facial massage. She is very sweet and friendly and made me feel very relaxed and cared for.” –K. Duch

“Very prompt, concerned, compassionate… Awesome” –K. Dinnocena

“She was very attentive and kind. In addition, she was sure to take her time on problem areas, while taking in consideration the pain or tenderness of said areas. She was AMAZING” –J. Lewis

“I think I fell asleep, it was so wonderful” –C. Kay

“It was another wonderful massage with Whitney. She was excellent, interpersonal and therapeutic skills. She did very thorough deep tissue work on my shoulders and at the end, she did a neck stretch that relieved so much tension. I feel so relaxed and Whitney is the best.” –A. Dutch